Why Personal Branding?

Builds Credibility

Who are you and what are you doing? Answer those questions for your potential clients headshots that show you as a friendly and trustworthy authority.

Shows Your True Self

In many ways, you are your brand. Be your authentic self in your business and better connect with your ideal client.

Connects You With Your Target Audience

When you're dialed in your brand, it will resonate better with your market and you'll be a magnet for you potential clients.

Sets You Apart from Your Competition

Stand out from the noise. How can a client tell you apart from Joe Businessman, if you don't highlight your niche, differences, service and brand.

Gives You Consistent Brand Message Across All Platforms

A confused mind says no. When a client can clearly see you're an authority in your business brand a photography, they are better able to trust you and book you.

Represents Your Message and Values

Messaging is a key part of branding but we live in a digital age. We can't just say our brand, our values, our message. We have to show our potential clients where we stand.

Builds Confidence

Clients want a brand they can trust. Create confidence in your brand by showing your work, how you work, and who you are. Connection goes a long way in finding those perfect clients!

Crystal McMonnies is a personal branding and business photographer based in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA. She helps solopreneurs and small business capture their brand identity through custom headshots, personal branding, and custom stock images.

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