But I'm Not Photogenic...

If I had a dollar! For every time someone told me they weren't photogenic!

Like most people, I spent years staring at celebrities and models in magazines admiring how *effortlessly* beautiful they looked.

Whelp, NEWSFLASH, it's not effortless. And now that I'm behind the camera, I can tell you without a doubt, no one is born photogenic. It's a skill. Like public speaking or nunchucks.

Celebrities and models are paid to look good and make clothes look good. It's their job!

So this is where I come in.

I help you look your best. I'll walk you through posing - from your head to your toes. And I'll guide you to make you feel and look stunning. All you have to do is SHOW UP!

So relax, I gotcha boo!

Crystal McMonnies is a fine art, fashion, and editorial photographer based in Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR. She creates custom, styled sessions for clients, and is passionate about capturing love, and wild, emotional stories for women, couples, families, and badass boss babes.

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