Intimate Oregon Adventure Couples | Maddie & Aven's Sunny Spring Photos

Romance isn’t always about gazing into each other’s eyes, but in embracing each other with eyes closed shut. It’s about feeling safe and special and loved, even at your most vulnerable.

We had the opportunity to capture this sort of love with Maddie and Aven — two denim-clad darlings in horn-rimmed glasses and cheetah boots — as they trekked through the Oregon woods. The towering Douglas-fir trees, ferns and mossy fallen logs were the perfect backdrop to their love story, one that is all at once natural, wild and always growing.

“The overall experience was amazing,” says Maddie. “We felt very comfortable in front of the camera. Crystal is amazing! She is so kind and easy going and really captures the love between two people — she made us feel right at home.”

Maddie is a photographer, but never misses a photoshoot opportunity. “I love the chance to get on the other side of the camera,” she says. “Because most of my photographs are of my loved ones — I’m never in them!”

Maddie and Aven’s photos reveal the sweet intimacy in holding hands, in wrapping your arms around each other, in looking forward to the different pathways you can take together, in soaking in this beautiful thing we call life.

You can’t help but look at the photos and feel warm inside. Their knowing smiles, forehead kisses and gentle hands that tuck hair behind an ear before leaning into a kiss, showcase just how beautifully contagious love is.

Maddie and Aven plan to use the photos to decorate their home. What’s the thing they liked most about the experience? “You can really tell how much we love each other,” Maddie says.

At Crystal McMonnies Photography, we are proud photograph diverse expressions of love and representations of gender. We believe a couple’s photoshoot should be easy and fun. Tell us your love story and we’ll help bring it to life with photographs! Book your couple photos session today!

Crystal McMonnies is a fine art, fashion, and editorial photographer based in Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR. She creates custom, styled sessions for clients, and is passionate about capturing love, and wild, emotional stories for women, couples, families, and badass boss babes.

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