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But I'm Not Photogenic?

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me they weren't photogenic!


Like most people, I spent years staring at celebrities and models in magazines admiring how *effortlessly* beautiful they looked.


Whelp, NEWSFLASH, it's not effortless. And now that I'm behind the camera, I can tell you without a doubt, no one is born photogenic.  It's a skill.  Like public speaking or nunchucks. 


Celebrities and models are paid to look good and make clothes look good. It's their job!


So this is where I come in. 


I help you look your best. I'll walk you through posing - from your head to your toes.  And I'll guide you to make you feel and look stunning.  All you have to do is SHOW UP!


So relax, I gotcha boo!

What does the photoshoot include?

Every shoot is customizable to your needs.  From moody beauty portraits to personal branding, I've got you covered!  This isn't a transformation.  This is a revelation. Of you. Of your strength. Your worth. Your power. We're here to give you the experience of seeing just how illuminating your are.

Right from the get-go, we'll start talking about your vision and how you want to be seen. We'll set up a mood board to hone in on your style and vibe. 

About 2-4 weeks prior to your session, we'll meet up for a style consultation. We'll explore your mood board, check out your clothing picks and even play in the client closet.

As you're prepping for the shoot in those final weeks, I'll be planning and storyboarding your session.  All you have to do is show up!

The day of you'll receive a hair and makeup session with one of my talented professional hair and makeup artists.  We'll gab and chat over mimosas and pampering.

Then we'll set up every shot and walk you through poses as we'll move along. You're been in good hands and make sure you look your very best. 

How far in advance should I book?

I tend to book up quickly and I'm currently booked 2-3 months in advance.  I recommend contacting me at least a month and a half in advance.  It's never too early to get on my schedule so don't wait to email me! 

What do your packages include? How much should I expect to spend?

The session fee is $260 and includes the shoot, professional hair and makeup plus the styling and client wardrobe. Packages start at $450 and my average client spends $1000-$1500

When and how will I select my favorite images from my shoot?

Your reveal and ordering session is scheduled two to four weeks after your shoot. We'll go through the images one by one and help you select and purchase your favorites.  Most clients are shocked at how many images they'll love!

Where will my session take place? Do you have a studio?

The shoot itself can take place in up to two locations.  We're talking studio time, outdoors, or both! With living in the stunning Pacific Northwest, any location within a 30 minute drive from the studio is up for grabs.  I know some great locations too depending on your vibe. From Portland's urban vibe to golden meadows and views of the Gorge, we'll find the perfect location.

The images on your website are very tasteful and pretty, but what if I wanted to get a little more ... um ... risque?

Get it, girl!  On the scale from 1-10 on the "erotic" meter, my style is more of a 3.5. What you see on my website and on my social media feeds is a very accurate representation of what I offer in the "saucy" department. I will shoot an array of clothed, partially clothed, tasteful nudes, exposed breasts and bums but no pelvic area will be visible in any of my work and that is a firm policy. While I can certainly appreciate more erotic art, it just isn't what I offer. So if you love what you see on the website, I'm your girl.

What should I wear?

Such a popular question and the answer is easy.... whatever makes you feel most beautiful.  I offer a client wardrobe for you to browse and borrow.  Plus you probably already have some amazing things in your closet!  I've photographed everything from androgynous suits to body suits and high waisted panties to tasteful implied nude portraits.  At the end of the day.... what makes you feel like goddess?? In a 2-3 hour session we have time for 3-5 outfits but no pressure! We could rock one outfit a million ways!

Which days of the week can I have my photo sessions?

We accept shoots on Fridays and Saturdays and some Sundays. 

Do you photograph men?

Not in a boudoir capacity. But I do offer personal branding, portraits, and family photos for men. 

Do you shoot weddings?

While I love weddings and cry at every single one (seriously! every one!), I no longer offer wedding photography.  I do love to photograph couples so when you're ready for engagement or anniversary photos, I'm here for you.

Will you use my images on your website or social media?

I would absolutely love to share you images online!  BUT you have complete control.  I completely understand if you're not comfortable and I will honor your privacy.  Many clients have different preferences, from faceless images to anything to nothing.  BOTTOM LINE: you're in control of how or if you want them shared. 

If you have any other questions I didn't address here, please email me at 

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